What is Yoga?


"Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and how we can change the patterns that aren't serving us to live more freely and fully."

Yoga Sutra 111.18

The Yoga Path of Wellbeing is an old discipline from India. The goal of yoga is liberation (freedom) or self realization. In Sanskrit yoga means "to unite" or "to join".

It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercises and meditation. It helps improve  health and happiness, as the individual becomes aware of their own true nature through self observation, awareness and physical postures (called asana in Sanskrit).


How I teach

I teach to a wide range of levels and abilities by giving clear slow instruction with emphasis on correct posture alignment & breath awareness.

With the intention of cultivating mindful practice, in each of my classes we will move through a series of "asana" or yoga poses designed to improve our spinal health, joint mobility and organ function. I will give options throughout the class for modifications of the poses for different levels of practice. Bringing awareness to our breath and being comfortable is an integral part of our yoga practice.

Please arrive to class 5 mins early, clean, with comfortable clothing, fresh water and yoga mat if you like. 

Yoga mats, props, pillows and blankets for Savasana will be provided for your comfort by Yoga Nest.


Physical Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice:

yoga poses ella sokolosky yoga nest pender island

Seated Poses

Centres the mind and brings mobility to neck, shoulders, spine and pelvis.


yoga poses ella sokolosky yoga nest pender island

Standing Poses

Improves strength in core stability muscles and tones upper and lower body.


yoga poses ella sokolosky yoga nest pender island


Spinal flexibility and alignment are promoted, this allows nutrients to flow to the body's major energy centers or "chakras" while stretching the front of the body. 


yoga poses ella sokolosky yoga nest pender island

Forward Folds & Twists

Keeps abdominal organs toned & oxygenated as we stretch the back and sides of the body.


yoga poses ella sokolosky yoga nest pender island

Relaxation & Meditation

To complete each class we allow the  body and mind to be nourished by stillness. This generates open intuition and self trust, building our capacity for true happiness, physical health and spiritual maturity. This is our inner wealth.


I hope to share this beautiful & ancient practice of wisdom with you soon.